…Overflights country ...Mt Blanc or the natural park of the Vanoise

With 20 years of experience, SKIVOL - approved by the Ministry of Transport - offers secure this unique and unforgettable adventure . No special fitness is required for this original and magical ascension that can be enjoyed at any age.

Always at sunrise when the weather conditions are favorable, we give you an appointment for 3:00 adventure . After inflating the balloon , awesome show, taking place aboard the boat for 45 min 1h15 flight with the wind .

After taking off smoothly without specific route , let you carry to graze treetops and finger touch the clouds, without any feeling of vertigo .
During the flight the pilot is in contact with the ground crew just welcome you to the landing.

Guests can enjoy traditional "Toast of Balloon Brigade " while sharing your impressions with your travel companions .
The show ends and remains etched in your memory even if you take the way back to our vehicles...

SKIVOL offers during a journey , a moment of pure happiness in which you hang out the most beautiful alpine peaks safely supervised by our team of professionals who will introduce you to each new altitude landscapes. Depending on whether you choose to embark on a summer trip or a winter trip aboard one of our balloons, different flight areas will be proposed .

WINTER SKIVOL offers exceptional take-off from the ALTIPORT COURCHEVEL
( 2000 m) ( only flights in the morning) .

The pilot decides for the flight the site of the take-off and the schedule according to the weather conditions and the logistic organization.


SKIVOL is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority for Public Transport Passengers (CTA No. : F.CE.907 ) . This approval allows holders to operate balloons over three passenger seats societies, You fly under the protection of the Warsaw Convention , that Convention, which protects you while traveling in airliner . With this certification you mostly have the guarantee of a professional structure.

Legal documents in PDF format:
- Insurance balloons
- Air Operator Certificate