Flying balloon is already an exceptional event. Achieve this flight facing Mont Blanc, Aravis or Vanoise becomes a gift unusual . To mark an event: Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday, Christmas and New year, retirement or just for fun ..

Our WINTER tickets:

Valid during the winter season from the date of purchase to cover the flight season: from early December to the end of April according to the opening dates of the resort of Courchevel.
Usable in Savoie: Courchevel
Refundable ticket
You wish to book for a fixed date. In the event of a postponement or cancellation due to weather conditions or due to Skivol, the ticket is fully refunded.

280 € per person CHILD OR ADULT (whatever the number of people).
PRIVATE NACELLE - from 2 to 5 people

A private nacelle, just for you!
*1 400,00€


Our SUMMER tickets:

- Valid for TWO years from the date of purchase to cover the flying season: from mid-June to the end of October, and also weekends during the off-season.
- Can be used in haute savoie: PRAZ SUR ARLY
- Non-refundable
For gift tickets, it is not necessary to choose the flight date when purchasing.
- 240 € per person

Do everything online is now possible with SKIVOL !
Order, receive tickets, book ... it's so simple : Follow the steps below and prepare for takeoff ...

1. COMMANDER : . ORDER : Choose your ticket for yourself or to offer. You do not need to set a date for the moment.
2. RECEIVE your title BOARDING after your order if you set online with a credit card you will immediately receive an order number : simply the number and title of indentity for your ticket on the spot . ( on request we can send you your ticket by mail).If you use another method of payment ( check, transfer , gift etc ...) you will receive your tickets by mail upon receipt of your payment .
3. BOOK your flight date : upon receipt of your tickets you can hold your flight date via our MAIL. If you prefer you can call the reservation center 06 83 97 53 26 to set the date and place of your flight .

A hike of about one hour on the Courchevel ski area
- We provide helmets
- Do not forget : clothing, gloves and warm shoes

Discovery hike : 1 or 2 people by machine , 10 machines maximum , 1 hour
Price : 150 € / machine

Options :
Your exclusive guide in addition to hiking : 70 €
*machine with driver: 180 €

Sport hike : 1 person by machine , no passenger, 1 hour
Price : 160 € / machine +
Your exclusive guide in addition to hiking .
5 machines maximum
For 1 person : 1x160 € + 70 € = 230 €
For 2 persons : 2x 160 € + 70 € = 390 €
For 3 persons : 3x160 € + 70 € = 550 €

Attention in all cases damage to snowmobiles are charged in addition ( credit card imprint )

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